Academic Enrichment

At Mentone Girls' Grammar, we are recognised for our curriculum support of gifted and talented students. We do this with a differentiated approach to subjects within the classroom and through our innovative SAIL (Supporting Advanced and Independent Learners) Program.

SAIL Program

The singular objective of SAIL is to recognise, promote and advance the education of students who possess very high intellectual ability in the supportive and structured environment of the School.

All students are tested when they first enter the School and regularly as they progress through each year level. As a result, the particular intellectual, social and emotional needs of gifted students are identified and supported throughout their schooling with specialist subjects, subject and level acceleration and mentoring opportunities. SAIL programs exist in Mathematics, Philosophy, Japanese, Science, Music and Creative Writing (subject offerings vary between year levels).

Many opportunities for SAIL students also exist in our co-curricular program. Some are conducted during time provided for clubs on Wednesdays; others occur after school or on weekends. While these activities are not exclusively for SAIL students, they provide extension and enrichment for our highly able students and we specifically encourage SAIL students to participate. Activities range from Language-based competitions to Mathematics and Science challenges, Reading competitions and Debating.

Learning Enhancement

We also provide a team of experienced Learning Enhancement staff to help students with their individual learning needs, whether it is for extra support or extension. The support can occur alongside the classroom program explicitly teaching skills and understanding to enhance students’ ability. With a classroom environment that capitalises on girls’ language-related strengths and caters for their preference for verbal and interactive instruction, all our young learners can be a step ahead in their education.