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Leadership & Service

“More than anything, this year has been a test of adaptability. Being a School leader in 2020 has reinforced my priorities, taught me about compromise and about the strength of solidarity. Whilst part of my leadership journey has entailed being physically distanced from school, the value of our community, in our collective ability to bring comfort through the pixels on our screen, inspired me to persist with hope and foster the same in others.” Wangshu Ma, School Captain, 2020.

We have a proud tradition of leadership at Mentone Girls’ Grammar that means more than just wearing a badge. Students in both Junior and Senior Schools have the opportunity to be bold in their choices to help make a difference to the School and the wider community. In this way, they contribute to the School’s WAVES priorities.

Here we place great value on young women who desire to serve in a leadership role and are committed to the pursuit of excellence. The student leadership structure consists of multiple levels, each having positions of responsibility that need to be undertaken with commitment, energy and consideration for others. These empowering young women are prepared to extend themselves, utilise their skills and talents, support others, and to enhance the School.

Senior leadership positions range from the School Captain and her two Deputies, together with portfolio holders ranging from Environment, Faith and Performing Arts to International Relations, House, IT and Sport Captains. In addition, at the Junior level, every student in Year 6 holds a leadership position of responsibility which they take very seriously and execute with diligence, respect and enthusiasm. From Year 9 onwards, we also encourage students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and the Future Global Leaders Award.

For more than 120 years, Mentone Girls’ has been committed to serving the community and there is a genuine culture of giving that is an integral part of the School community. Whether that is caring for the environment and cleaning up the beach, or raising funds for major causes to fight breast cancer, child hunger and ensuring women around the world have equality and justice. We encourage our Mentone Girls to be bold leaders in the communities that we serve and to empower others to help change our world for the better.

Leadership qualities of a Mentone Girl

Pride in the School.

Capacity to exercise initiative and motivate others.

Ability to delegate where appropriate.

Ability to communicate confidently and effectively in all settings.

Ability to meet deadlines and evidence of strong organisational skills.

Meaningful service to the School.

Ability to prioritise multiple projects, including studies.

Honesty and trustworthiness.

Collaborative problem solving.

Respectful, sensitive and courteous interactions with others.

Self discipline.

Reliability with an exemplary attendance record.

A positive role model for both her peers and younger students.

Ability to articulate a clear vision of desired outcomes.

Appropriate behaviour and school uniform standards.

Participation in a range of school co-curricular activities.