Event Details

Junior School Dance Concert
Mentone Girls' Grammar

One of the most popular nights of the year is here! - Our Junior School Dance Concert.

We look forward to welcoming our parents and families to see their daughters perform.

The Concert will start at 6.00 pm with an arrival time of 5.30pm. The performance will conclude at approximately 7.30pm.

The girls should have something to eat before arriving for the performance.

Costumes - All students are provided with a hired costume. Students will be responsible to provide and wear their own correct regulation leotard, stockings and shoes. No socks please.

  • Please note Students enrolled in both ballet and jazz ONLY require ballet stockings for the concert as there is no time to change into jazz stockings.

Arrival on the day of the concert:

Ballet students

All students to arrive with their regulation leotard, ballet shoes and stockings already on please.

Hair tied back in a netted ballet bun with no decorations around the bun

Jazz students

All students to arrive with their tan jazz shoes and stockings already on please. (unless they do ballet also)

Hair tied back in a high, single pony tail.

No make-up is necessary.

Gel/Hairspray may be used to give a more professional appearance to the hairstyle.

Student drop-off point:

All students should arrive at 5.30 pm on Wednesday, 27 November and enter through the front door of the David Hunt Centre. All students will be directed to a room within the Centre where they will be met and cared for by staff prior to the performance commencing

Student pick-up on conclusion of performance:

Parents are asked to pick up their children at the conclusion of the performance from the foyer of the David Hunt Centre please.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Mentone Girls' Grammar Dance Concert.