Dancing to the top

Dancing to the top

Gabriela Planck has landed one of only 26 places with the Sydney Dance Company.


“I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of girls. The School is really renowned for that, and the really positive atmosphere.” 

Gabriela Planck is on top of the world after landing one of only 26 highly esteemed places with the Sydney Dance Company for its 2019 pre-professional year.

The outstanding VCE graduate, who started dancing as a 3-year-old, made it through the rigorous audition process during multiple trips to Sydney, all in the middle of her VCE exam preparations, before receiving the good news in November.

“It’s pretty exciting,” says Gabriela whose original video audition was one of 300 chosen from across the country, “Especially when many of the other dancers are already in full time dance programs.”

Gabriela danced on average 12-14 hours per week, on top of her VCE commitments, in the hope of keeping the door open for another dream - to study physiotherapy at university.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be good enough to get into any full time dance courses but the closer I got to the audition process the more excited I was to see where dance would take me,” smiles Gabriela humbly.

Next step for Gabriela will be to pull out her suitcases in preparation for the move to Sydney where initially, she will move in with her godparents, before hoping to share with other dancers near the Sydney Dance Company’s Ultimo, NSW studios.

And the two things she will take with her from Mentone Girls’ Grammar?

“The 100% support of my friends and my teachers."

“When auditioning and studying started to get tiring my teachers encouraged and inspired me to keep going and when I told them they were ecstatic. It was the best feeling and I’ve been really lucky to have them."

“I’ve been at this school since grade 5 and it has definitely built me as a person. It has shaped my character, my confidence and provided me with great friends I’ve made here,” says Gabriela.

Congratulations to another remarkable 2018 Mentone girl!


Image credit: Belinda Strodder