Food for mind, body and soul

Food for mind, body and soul
Stacey Mair

As part of our focus on making girls’ wellbeing central to the school experience we have been reviewing our Bay Café offerings this year with the aim to provide a more innovative and healthier environment for the girls throughout the day.

Commencing in Term 4 we will have a new Café provider, Chartwells Australia, and the Bay Café will take on a new look and feel at the front as they bring their food and beverage offerings to life.

Students and parents will continue to use MunchMonitor for online ordering with an expanded menu on offer including smaller portion sizes for Junior School and standard items that do not change for the younger students who like the same items each time.

For Senior Students ordering and purchasing food on a daily basis the Café will now be set up with a more user-friendly external catering positioning to allow students to ‘grab and go’ more easily and pay via the cashier.

A number of new offerings will be available for students and staff including; Wellbeing Fridges with a daily range of changing healthy snacks and drinks that students can ‘grab and go’ with – seasonal fruit cups, natural yoghurt pots swirled with fresh fruit crush and toasted granola, babaganoush with vegetables sticks and more; a range of breakfast items from porridge and fruit cups to pancakes, breakfast tortillas and eggs to a variety of salads, low carb items, pastas, chef specials and of course muffins and select sweet and savoury items such as chips, pies etc.

Sample menu items include:

Belgian waffles with maple glazed winter apples

Poached egg, spinach and feta breakfast wrap

Smashed Avo sliders

Toasted sandwiches on grain, rye and white breads, toasted fruit bread, banana bread, club toasted sandwich

Asian quinoa salad with shredded vegetables, spring onions, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, lemon & tahini dressing and chicken strips.

Sushi rolls and sushi packs

Roasted sweet potato risotto with fresh herbs and pangratatto

Thai fish cakes with nuoc cham dipping sauce and rice noodle stirfry

Spaghetti with roasted winter vegetables, basilica sauce and parmesan crumbs

Mexican frittata with guacamole and lite sour cream

Snacks include: Red Rock Deli chips, popcorn, dried fruit pots, vegie chips, sausage rolls, slices, gingerbread men, fruit salad, jelly pots, mousse cups etc.

Coffee will be served from the morning for staff, senior students and parents dropping off students, with a variety of espresso coffees, hot chocolate, Tea 2 Teas and chai lattes with a range of milks on offer.

In the summer a range of icy treats will also be on-hand including frozen juice cups, milo scoops, frozen yoghurt, frozen fresh fruit and frozen pineapple sticks.

Chartwells Director, George Michaelides said “Our ‘smart food’ program independently endorsed by Nutrition Australia, is designed to educate students in the guiding principles of nutrition without being too prescriptive or preaching.” It’s about using the freshest ingredients and a variety of cooking methods to enhance the meal service as we strive to create a social and positive experience for students and wider school community.”

“It is up to us to deliver consistent quality, underpinned by innovation, in order to engage and excite. Our role is to ensure product and service consistency with a continual focus on wellbeing.”