Speak out, be passionate

Speak out, be passionate

Wangshu Ma wins PESA public speaking competition. 

School Captain Wangshu Ma has won her debating heat at the PESA public speaking competiton and will compete at the semi finals in mid-June. 

PESA is a public-speaking competition for students aged 15-18 years and encourages students to speak to their peers from other schools on topics they are most passionate about. Wangshu will be speaking about revampling recycling. 

“I am really passionate about sustainability,” said Wangshu.

“In particular, I wanted to highlight the inefficiencies in Australia’s recycling industry and the tremendous room for growth. This feeling of agitation arose from my time on Japanese exchange: my host family would separate their rubbish into many different categories, often rinsing and dismantling their milk cartons to fit specific guidelines. The return back to Australia was really jarring and I felt uncomfortable piling all my recycling into one kerbside bin. I wanted to advocate for a better recycling system, one that would slow down the needless build-up of landfill and prompt people to rethink their consumption habits.”

The PESA public speaking competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to build self-confidence and extend their skills in oral communication, speech writing and research.

“Public speaking opportunities are chances to advocate for my beliefs and draw attention to what I think is important. For me, speaking with purpose is always more enjoyable and fulfilling,” said Wangshu.

The most important criteria is the effective use of plain English. Speeches are then judged on their preparation, subject matter, structure and delivery.

Wangshu competes at The PESA 2020 semifinals online on Tuesday 16 June. Six competitors will go through to the State Final, which will be held on Friday 24 July.

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