Sharing Our Planet

Sharing Our Planet

Discovering environmental sustainability

Our Early Learning Children demonstrated a growing appreciation and care for their natural surroundings. 


Through exploration and observation, they have been provided with opportunities to develop an increasing knowledge of sustainability, the environment and the interdependence of living things. The girls participated in a variety of experiences that allowed them to explore and connect with their world in addition to discovering how they can contribute to caring for it. 

The Pre Preps explored many aspects of sustainability while observing and interacting with mini beasts (beetles, butterflies, snails, bees and stick insects).

The girls discovered key points about each mini beast they observed. 

"Snails wiggle slowly and their eyes are on top of their antenna,” said Logan.

"Bees are black and yellow and only the girl bees have a stinger," said Sienna.

"Beetles have a little hump and they have 6 legs,” said Lili.

"A stick insect can camouflage like a leaf or branches,” said Olivia.

The Pre Preps then had the opportunity to hold a baby stick insect where the girls were so gentle and brave as they excitedly held these fascinating creatures.

In addition to their discovery of mini beasts, the Pre Preps learned how to make their own seeds and watch them grow into seedlings. Noticing that their stems, leaves and roots were getting too big for the small pots, the girls decided that their plants needed more room to grow. The Pre Preps worked together to prepare the garden plot and learnt that our compost and worm juice (created from our food scraps) helps our plants grow strong and healthy.

“It was a delight to see the girls carefully and respectfully mix the compost with the dirt, transfer their seedlings into our garden beds and joyfully water the plants with the worm juice,” said ELC Teacher Leah Milligan.



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