School Council

The School Council is a volunteer-based group of exceptional professionals and business leaders, many of whom are current and/or past parents of the School. The School Council plays an active role to ensure the School stays true to its Mission and strategic direction so it can prosper for future generations. This includes sound fiscal management and governance across all critical success factors as outlined in the School's Mission and Strategic Plan; maintaining an active building and infrastructure development program; and ensuring the School's performance meets educational and business standards as a market leader in girls' education.

We are always looking for talented, motivated individuals who will make a positive contribution to the School Council and the education of our remarkable young women. Find out more here.

Meet the School Council

  • Mr Jesco d'Alquen

    Mr Jesco d'Alquen


  • Ms Lucy Best-Jenkins

    Ms Lucy Best-Jenkins

    Council Member

  • Bradley Cornwell

    Mr Brad Cornwell

    Council Member

  • Deivina Peethamparam

    Ms Deivina Peethamparam

    Council Member

  • placeholder

    Mr Scott Phillips

    Council Member

  • Ashley Reed

    Mr Ashley Reed

    Council Member

  • Mr James Stewart

    Council Member

  • placeholder

    Mr Ross Symons

    Council Member

  • placeholder

    Janelle Donnelly

    Foundation Chairman

Ex-officio Council Members

  • Fran Reddan

    Mrs Fran Reddan


  • Fran Reddan

    Mrs Kay McCullough

    Senior Vice Principal

  • Brian Trumble

    Mr Brian Trumble

    Company Secretary of Council

Council Sub Committees

The School Council operates several sub committees that oversee key operational areas of the business.  Suitably qualified members of the wider school community are often invited to serve on these sub committees to ensure expert governance across these key areas:

  • Finance, Governance and Risk Management Committee (FGRM)
  • Building and Assets Committee
  • Workplace Relations Consultative Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Foundation Committee