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What is creativity? It sounds simple, but it is in fact quite complex. Creativity involves thinking and making new or different connections to generate new ideas. From the earliest years, we promote and unify the use of higher-order thinking skills, emotional engagement and motor development. Creativity at our School extends into all areas of the curriculum and is designed to engage girls in their learning and to support our WAVES priorities. We see the creative journey of our students as an adventure travelled through Mathematics and Science to History, language, leadership, service and of course, The Arts, where the most visible forms of creativity can often be found.

Creative Arts

Across the Arts, our students enjoy an enormous array of opportunities to explore and express new ideas through Music, Dance, Drama and many forms of Visual Communication and Design. Collectively, our students’ work reflects diversity, boldness and risk taking. Our BIG ART Festival held in Term 3 emphasises that being creative is as much a purposeful function as it is a value that enriches the lives of our students and community as a whole.

Visual Arts

Art simply surrounds our students as they experience a dynamic Art program as one element in the core curriculum from Prep to Year 8 and through our vibrant program of Visual Communication and Design at VCE. Students experience a range of creative arts programs in The Simpson Art Centre which has facilities for drawing, painting, print-making, textiles, ceramics and photography. We teach our students to appreciate the experience of learning, creating, designing and reflecting. Art is like an adventure travelled, rather than a destination reached. A sincere involvement in the creative process has its own reward.

Performing Arts

Through our Performing Arts Department, students explore classical, rock, jazz and international Music styles. They can also experience the fun of participating in choirs, bands, and many ensembles. Our Music groups regularly play at school events and in venues around Melbourne, and compete in State and National competitions. Private and small group Music lessons are also available in specialist areas with over 25 different musical instruments on offer, including the Harp. We also offer a SAIL (Supporting Advanced & Independent Learners) Music program at Years 5 & 6 for students who have advanced musical talents to participate in our SAIL orchestra.

Each year, we produce an ELC to Year 4 Christmas Concert and a Senior School Production, so that across the School, students have an opportunity to perform. Other performance opportunities include musicals and Drama co-productions with our neighbouring schools. The ever-popular Junior House Chorals, and Senior House Music and House Dance competitions give further performance opportunities. Students are responsible for Music and Dance choices, arrangements and outfits and these events are a wonderful display of student creativity, enterprise, leadership and teamwork.

On the production side, we offer an exclusive Theatre Mentorship Program where a select number of students each year are given the opportunity to undertake mentorships with industry professionals to learn advanced technical and stagecraft skills as part of the Senior School Production.