The Mentone Girls’ Grammar 2017 Enterprise Cup, held as part of the School’s Enterprise Academy, was an extraordinary display of innovation, resourcefulness, creativity and teamwork.

Throughout the last nine weeks, students in Years 7 - 12 have been channelling their inner entrepreneur and worked collaboratively in their respective Houses to invent a product of wearable technology that addresses a problem.

Judges, Principal Fran Reddan and Head of Careers and Enterprise, Kelly Jedd, were blown away by the fantastic ideas presented today (Tuesday 12 September) by all of our Enterprise Cup Leaders.

Grammar House’s creation of a wristband, which helps people suffering from allergies, was both original and ingenious, as was McCowan’s idea of an ‘SOS’ wristband which calls for emergency services if you are without access to a phone. Kent displayed great imagination with their ‘Baby Booster’ idea, which helps women stay healthy throughout a pregnancy, but at the end of the day, it was Saints’ brilliant invention of the ‘Sit UpRight’ sports bra that impressed our judges the most.  

The Sit UpRight sports bra is designed to help women improve poor posture, as well as help those suffering from Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease. The product has an in-built sensor that senses when a person cranes their neck forward, so it produces a small pulse to prompt the person to correct the posture.

The Saints House Enterprise Cup Leaders said, “This was such an amazing opportunity for us to really use our imagination and entrepreneurial skills to produce something that we’re all passionate about. We decided to create something relevant and something that we think will be an ongoing issue in the future.

“Good posture is important, and we all know this. It sends out messages of confidence and self-awareness; two qualities that are absolutely imperative for young people who want to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. We’re so happy that we won the Enterprise Cup and hope people will be inspired by this product to SitUpRight!”


1st Saints

2nd McCowan

3rd Kent and Grammar


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