In line with our ongoing priority to provide a comprehensive, progressive and engaging education, Mentone Girls’ Grammar will expand its Humanities curriculum in 2018 with the introduction of two new subjects, Civics and Citizenships and Business and Economics.

Head of Humanities, Julia Armstrong, said these important subjects will be instrumental in developing students’ awareness and knowledge of Australian political affairs, as well as building their financial literacy skills.

“Our students are passionate about social justice but they don’t fully grasp Australia’s political system, so Civics and Citizenship will delve into this area so they better understand its legislation. It will look at how our students can work together to shape Australia into a nation that is fair and equal, for not only themselves, but for all citizens.

“Likewise, it will provide an opportunity for students to have an open discussion on topics they are genuinely interested in, as well as learn to “agree to disagree” by respecting each other’s views. At the end of the Year 9 unit, we’ll be holding a mock election which will most certainly be a very interesting and educational experience for all students involved, whilst the Year 8 students are looking at the ramifications and legalities of using drones,” said Mrs Armstrong.

“We also understand the pressing need for students to be financially savvy in today’s economic state so we’ll be exploring responsible consumer behaviour and budgeting in Business and Economics. Shockingly, Australia has one of the lowest financial literacy rates in the developed world and we’ll be addressing this and ensuring students learn how to make decisions that result in positive benefits for themselves and potential businesses.”

 Mrs Armstrong said both these subjects will play a fundamental role in preparing students for VCE.

“Learning these subjects in Years 7, 8 and 9 is a fantastic opportunity to spark the interest of our students and present them with knowledge so they feel prepared and confident to embark on VCE Global Politics, Business Management, Economics, Accounting or Legal Studies.

“We want to give our students an education that empowers them to make a positive difference in the community, now and after school, and strongly believe that these subjects will get them one step closer to that empowerment,” said Mrs Armstrong.


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