The Mentone Girls’ Grammar transition program offers an advantageous beginning to the academic year and students have been reaping the benefits of getting a ‘head start’ on their studies for many years now.

Our transition program is a fantastic opportunity for students, especially those embarking on VCE studies, to gain a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements for the subjects they will be undertaking in 2018. Starting in mid-November, these transition classes are designed so students can begin their 2018 studies in earnest, i.e. become acquainted with teachers, have access to their textbooks, and undertake classes that familiarises them with the course.

Head of Curriculum, Louise Robinson-Lay, said, “Transition is an exciting time for our students to get a taste of their new subject and new teachers, and it ensures that the final weeks of the school calendar continue to be productive, as well as fun.

“While no major assessment tasks are completed during this time, we see this period vital for learning as we empower girls to do their best by gaining a full understanding of the key skills and knowledge that accompany the subject,” said Louise.

“Particularly in senior years, courses can be very demanding and we begin by giving our girls the skills to cope with this demand. This minimises any stressful situations and allows girls the chance to settle in to new courses. They also get holiday homework designed to ensure that they maximise their class time and come prepared early in the new year.”

“Inevitably, transition make for a very smooth start to 2018, especially for Year 10, 11 and 12 students. They arrive in February with a clear understanding of the year ahead and already have a good grasp of the requirements of each subject and how to plan for success on their upcoming SACS and exams.”

In addition, the timetable is slightly adjusted to cater for the gaps where newly appointed staff have not yet joined our school and we identify any refinements to the new arrangements, with plenty of time to make adjustments before 2018.


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