• Lauren Goldie

    Lauren Goldie


    Lauren recognises the importance of her education, and the contribution, influence, support and role in which our School has played in assisting her wellbeing, development and determination. Our recent graduate, Lauren Goldie, was accepted into the Royal...

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  • Dulcie Boling

    Dulcie Boling


    "By the time I left school I had no idea men ran everything... it was too late to change!” Dulcie Boling is a legend of the Australian media industry. Her avant garde approach initiated a more contemporary agenda for women’s media and...

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  • Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller


    "My time at Mentone gave me a great foundation, and I encourage all students to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and develop." Dr Sarah Miller has received international acclaim for her work as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist....

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  • Nicole Bradtke

    Nicole Bradtke


    “I was living a different life to other students because I was constantly travelling with my Tennis…[but] returning to school was always easy.” We honour Nicole Bradtke (née Provis) as a Remarkable Woman for her true ANZAC spirit...

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  • Stacey Sullivan

    Stacey Sullivan


    “School is the building blocks of what you want to achieve later in life. The morals that I learned and the encouragement that I received has really carried on throughout my life.” What do weight lifting and dog showing have in common? Well...

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  • Polixeni Papapetrou

    Polixeni Papapetrou


    “The most important thing is to find your voice, to have faith in who you are and to work hard.” Without a doubt, Polixeni Papapetrou has found her voice, and as she stands on the international stage as an accomplished artist, there is no...

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  • Casey Trebilcock

    Casey Trebilcock


    "I know that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard." Since graduating from Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, Casey Trebilcock has applied her entrepreneurial skills in social media to pursue her virtual vision. Casey...

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  • Lucy Christopher

    Lucy Christopher


    “Be brave and don’t go with the crowd.” In Year 8, Lucy Christopher sat listening to guest speaker and award winning teen author, John Marsden, completely unaware this would become a pivotal moment in her own life. Soon she would become...

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  • Jo Cavanagh

    Jo Cavanagh


    "I hope my story will encourage more Mentone Girls to create social good and a productive caring community where everyone helps and everyone benefits.” Jo Cavanagh has long been a change merchant, working tirelessly to help vulnerable families,...

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  • Amy Baker

    Amy Baker


    “It’s so easy to forget the hundreds and thousands of families in need if you don’t ever see them or hear about them.” Amy Baker was preparing for a job interview with the Salvation Army and the more she researched, the more she...

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  • Annette Kellerman

    Annette Kellerman


    “My early physical misfortune has turned out to be the greatest blessing that could have come to me.” We honour Annette Kellerman as a Remarkable Woman for taking the risk to challenge social norms, and for her courageous drive and...

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  • Erin Johanson

    Erin Johanson


    "Be yourself. It’s ok and your unique personality will be an asset when you need it most." Erin Johanson is living a fantasy life that she never dreamed of and this Mentone Old Girl is living proof that "quirky is cool". From a...

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  • Jacqueline Killian

    Jacqueline Killian


    “Sometimes big goals can seem unachievable but by focusing on the smaller steps in between you can keep your motivation up – you may even find it’s the little things that make you the proudest and excite you the most.” Jacqueline...

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  • Jane Chidgey

    Jane Chidgey


    “We were well regarded in the cheetah community in South Africa which we spent many years trying to protect.” Old Girl, Jane Chidgey, has led a fascinating life living in South Africa for many years where she successfully ran a Wildlife...

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  • Keren McFie

    Keren McFie


    "I had no idea what Engineering was!" Keren McFie (Horton) has seen some unusual things – she’s worked on a New Zealand naval frigate, a gas platform off Karratha and an oil rig in the Timor Sea. But for this remarkable woman,...

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  • Kylie Ladd

    Kylie Ladd


    “Success is just as much about determination and perseverance as it is about talent – there are many routes to get there.” Kylie Ladd (Fowler) has a hugely rewarding professional double life – she’s a Neuropsychologist and a...

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  • Kylie Matulick

    Kylie Matulick


    “I do think that creative people see our work and get a lot of inspiration from it... so we have definitely contributed to the global creative community.” A friend once urged Kylie Matulick to “...dream big and if it doesn’t scare...

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  • Lisa Xu

    Lisa Xu


    "My Mentone Girls’ Grammar School friends are the siblings I never had. We are all so different yet very like-minded people all chasing our dream jobs and having a lot of fun along the way." It takes a remarkable woman to combine nuclear...

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  • Liz Tosh

    Liz Tosh


    “There is a massive world of opportunity out there. It’s a matter of finding out what difference you want to make and going out there and making it!” At just 19 years old, Liz Tosh was spending her life running, swimming, cycling and...

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  • Margaret McLorinan

    Margaret McLorinan


    Margaret McLorinan, known affectionately as Peg, was always ahead of her time. We honour Margaret McLorinan as a Remarkable Woman for her exceptional professional ability, her kindness to patients, her outstanding ability as a surgeon and administrator,...

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  • Marion Weir

    Marion Weir

    7 January 1911 - 18 August 2011

    Prominent Mentone identity, Eugenie Marion Weir (Marion) was farewelled by family and friends in August 2011 at St James Anglican Church, Mt Eliza, at the ripe old age of 100. Marion Weir (nee Downe) was a former Mayoress of Mordialloc and much loved...

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  • Megan Douglas

    Megan Douglas


    “Keep your eyes open and take every opportunity as it comes... you never know where it could lead.” “Okay, I was a spy,” laughs Megan Douglas when pushed for details on her work with the Defence Signals Directorate – a...

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  • Michelle Waters

    Michelle Waters


    “To really live an authentic and harmonious life, you need to know and be aligned with your core values.” Long before the phrases ‘family friendly’ and ‘work-life balance’ became part of our vocabulary, Michelle Waters...

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  • Reena Ghelani

    Reena Ghelani


    "I work in an organisation that seeks human rights, justice and peace. This is the world I want my children to live and believe in." For Reena Ghelani, helping build a better world is more than just a desirable ideal – it’s her job....

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  • Sarah Arachchi

    Sarah Arachchi


    “Every tree is beautiful in its own different way. Value your individuality and the different seeds you have within yourself.” Dreams do come true and Sarah Arachchi is living proof. At just 25, this remarkable Old Girl is a doctor at...

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  • Shelley Matulick

    Shelley Matulick


    “Being a witness to dire social injustice and extreme poverty was definitely a driving force.” Shelley Matulick was travelling around the world with a knapsack on her back, experiencing life in foreign cultures when she realised two important...

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  • Tracy Ford

    Tracy Ford


    "Success does not come overnight. Initiative, drive and hard work are required for progression." She is inspired by beauty, has objects of international envy at her fingertips, business travel and a much sought after career with Italian style...

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  • Zoë Badwi

    Zoë Badwi


    Zoë Badwi is loving her life in the spotlight. As a singing sensation, Zoë has stormed the impossibly difficult and unforgiving music industry and made a lasting impression with her vocal talents and dynamic stage presence. At school, Zoë...

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  • The Simpson Sisters

    The Simpson Sisters


    The Simpson educational philosophy was simple, “to be bold, to do one’s best and to never give in”. We honour the Simpson family, and in particular Effie Simpson and her three sisters, Minnie, Ethel and Daisy, as Remarkable Women whose...

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  • Alison Bracher

    Alison Bracher

    Head of Years 11 & 12

    Alison grew up with strong female role models around her. Both of Alison's grandmothers were teachers, and she attended a small girls’ school where she remembers looking up to her teachers and the support they gave her. “In my professionaI...

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  • Jessica Mount

    Jessica Mount

    Head of Maths

    Spend five minutes with Jess and you will walk away with a smile on your face. Her love of life, energy and enthusiasm is infectious - she makes you want to jump up and do something! When she’s not at School - and not out jogging - you’ll find...

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  • Kelly Jedd

    Kelly Jedd

    Head of Careers and Enterprise

    “It seems like such a huge decision but students need to remember it doesn’t define you or lock you into a certain career. It should be fun." Most children have set ideas about what they want to be when they grow up - a doctor, an actress...

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  • Mr Peter O'Donnell

    Mr Peter O'Donnell

    Sports Teacher

    “I get the same enjoyment from watching a student pick up a ball for the first time, as I do from watching our girls represent the State at an elite level.” With three active young daughters of his own, our Sports Teacher, Mr Peter...

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  • Ms Shannon Boyle

    Ms Shannon Boyle

    Head of English

    “Language is the basis of civilisation. The things we can do with language are astonishing; from basic communication to articulating the depth of our soul. That’s what literature does for us.” Shannon Boyle lives for her love of...

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  • Ms Michelle Dennis

    Ms Michelle Dennis

    eLearning Manager

    “I love the culture of this school. Here we trust and respect one another; staff, students and parents. It’s a great environment to work in.” Racking up 50,000 air miles in the last twelve months is proof enough that eLearning Manager,...

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  • Mr Konrad Kondratowicz

    Mr Konrad Kondratowicz

    Head of Visual Arts

    “Artistically, I’d rather be alive and make mistakes than dead inside and safe.” He’s clever, quirky and creative but if you want to learn to paint by numbers then the colorful Head of Visual Arts, Mr Konrad Kondratowicz, is most...

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  • Rev Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins

    Rev Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins

    School Chaplain

    “In RAVE, we provide opportunities to listen to our hearts and develop compassion, kindness, patience, resilience and courage through engaging with others and learning how to be of service to others.” “Our girls have heart,” says...

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  • Mrs Lara Silkoff

    Mrs Lara Silkoff

    School Psychologist

    “There is so much going on in the School – a great energy and enthusiasm pervades the place.” Armed with a secret weapon, the new school psychologist, Lara Silkoff, is helping students to identify, understand and talk about their...

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  • Mrs Jo Frost

    Mrs Jo Frost

    Vice Principal Wellbeing /Head of Senior School

    “That’s what is special about this school – it is the relationship between the teachers and the students and the genuine interest the teachers have in the girls’ wellbeing.” Jo has a Bachelor in Classics (Hons) and a Post...

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  • Mrs Susanna Rummel

    Mrs Susanna Rummel

    Head of Performing Arts

    “I have never heard a person say: ‘I’m sorry I did music’… but I have heard many people say: ‘I always wanted to learn to play an instrument’ or that they wish they had never given it up.” The incredibly...

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  • Ms Hiromi Kado-Jewell

    Ms Hiromi Kado-Jewell

    Head of Languages

    “We have study tours and many great programs to enhance cultural diversity and to encourage an international perspective from students at all year levels.” Vibrantly painted fish come alive in the breeze outside the Junior School and according...

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  • Ms Bronwyn Gowty

    Ms Bronwyn Gowty

    Program Co-ordinator (IB) (PYP)

    “The girls here are authentic, grounded and without pretension… they work really hard and their families work really hard to have them here – it’s unique.” Bronwyn Gowty has her sights set on the world – and as Program...

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  • Dr Sandra Fordyce-Voorham

    Dr Sandra Fordyce-Voorham

    Head of Home Economics

    “My favorite quote is Om Shanti – which means I am a peaceful and happy soul.” It’s possible that Sandra Fordyce-Voorham has unearthed the secret ingredient to a happy, healthy, vibrant life! How else could the delightful and...

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  • Mr Daryl McGrath

    Mr Daryl McGrath

    Head of Humanities

    “I have travelled to every continent on the planet and lived in a number of them as well.” There’s just a hint of country about his leather shoes and something a little 'RM Williams' about his friendly persona but the dead giveaway that...

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  • Mr Michael Lawrence

    Mr Michael Lawrence

    Head of PE, Health & Recreation

    "I have a good understanding of the commitment, dedication, sweat and perseverance required to reach the top in any sport." Michael Lawrence has coached students who became Olympians, competed in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, played football for...

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  • Mrs Angela Wiseman

    Mrs Angela Wiseman

    Head of Years 7 & 8

    "The modeling of leadership contributes to the development of strong minded, thinking, young women who will go on to make positive contributions to our society." Angela Wiseman points to a framed photo hanging in her office of beaming Mentone...

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  • Mrs Catherine Freney

    Mrs Catherine Freney

    Head of Years 9 & 10

    “The girls are so lovely and I am in awe of how hard they work.” From the fresh and inviting surrounds of the new Global Learning Centre (GLC), Catherine Freney, Head of Years 9 & 10, happily chats about why it’s such an exciting...

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  • Mrs Fiona Shepherd

    Mrs Fiona Shepherd

    ELC Team Leader

    "I love these little ladies," says Fiona Shepherd with a smile, "I really do". "Preschoolers may look small and cute but they are as smart and capable as any adult," declares Fiona Shepherd. And after 10 years of working with...

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  • Mrs Fran Reddan

    Mrs Fran Reddan


    Principal BA (Hons), DipEd, MEdSt, FACE, MACEL, AFAIM Thirteen is a lucky number... for Mentone Girls’ Grammar School and for Mrs Fran Reddan, who in 2005 joined the ranks of many exceptional men and women to become the School’s 13th...

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  • Mrs Helen Silvester

    Mrs Helen Silvester

    Head of Science

    "Science is cool," says Helen Silvester, "I get to blow things up!" As a teenager country girl, Helen used to ride her motorbike to the bus stop each morning and, as the eldest of five girls, was her father’s helping hand on the...

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  • Mrs Kay McCullough

    Mrs Kay McCullough

    Vice Principal

    Vice Principal BSc (Ed), BSc (Hons), GradDipEd (CompEd), Med (AsiaSt), MACE, MACEL Kay has worked in education for over 20 years. In her present role as Vice Principal she is concerned with all aspects of school operations, especially promoting...

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