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Head of School and students outside talking

Welcome to our School

If you live in the Bayside area you will no doubt have seen our girls out and about in their vibrant red uniforms, chatting happily to each other at the shops or holding onto their hats as they run to catch a bus or a train; they are a glorious sight to behold in all their energy, youth and vitality and they can tell you, far better than this website ever will, what it is that sets their community apart.

For whilst we may be blessed with state of the art facilities, a brand new pool and recently laid playing fields, the true measurement of a school’s worth lies not in its physical environs nor in the glossiness of an appealing prospectus but in the quality of the relationships that underpin the day to day experience for its students. It’s in how well its students are taught and mentored; challenged and nurtured to be the kind of thoughtful, compassionate, creative, intelligent and moral leaders that the world needs right now. Because we’re a small school with a big history behind us, we’re in the enviable position of being able to create an intimate environment where every girl is known, seen and heard so that a strong sense of belonging, underpinned by high quality teaching and learning is a feature of their time with us.

The 21st Century with its rapidly digitalising economy, community platforms and 4IR clearly demands a broad and discrete set of employable skills; our role for over 120 years at Mentone Girls’ Grammar has always been to balance what it means for our girls to make a good living, (in a future that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous) against what it means to live a good life for the betterment of all.  

If ever there was an imperative to exercise one’s rights and responsibilities in a proudly independent single sex girls’ school it is now. Leading and inspiring the next generation of women to take their place in a world that paradoxically seems to simultaneously empower and disarm them, celebrate and shame them is imminently achievable however, when we focus upon each girl’s life-long need for traditional knowledge acquisition; her future industry’s need for a range of responsive, transferable skills and society’s need for the purposeful development of a set of innately human capabilities so that she is better prepared to navigate the personal and professional complexities that await her. And if we do this properly we will address her deep seated need to find meaning, purpose and belonging which in turn brings hope…powerfully transformative forces any way you look at them.

So next time you're out and about and you see one of our girls, and ask them about their School - I promise, you won't be disappointed.


Natalie Charles