Reyna Johanson
Swim School Manager

Reyna Johanson joined our team in October 2022 and is an alumna of Mentone Girls' Grammar (class of 1998). With over two decades of experience in the aquatic industry, Reyna has worked in various settings, including large leisure centers, boutique swim schools, and several private schools. She holds qualifications as a Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, Infant and Pre-School Aquatics, and Pool Lifeguard. Reyna is excited to return to Mentone Girls Grammar as the Swim School Manager.

Georgie Chambers
Dive Coach

Georgie Chambers is a NCAS Level 1 Diving Coach with 11 years of coaching experience. She has a proven track record of running and developing successful programs within schools, working closely with hundreds of athletes to enhance their confidence, skills, and passion for diving. One of Georgie's proudest accomplishments is coaching three divers to National-level competitions. She has served as the Head Coach at Toorak College, volunteered with Diving Australia during Commonwealth Games trials, and led the Victorian team at School Sport Australia National Championships. Georgie's coaching approach is fueled by her love and passion for the sport, inspiring her athletes to push the boundaries of their abilities. In addition to coaching, Georgie enjoys the freedom of returning to the diving boards herself, executing flips and twists through the air.

Narelle Wane
Squad Coach

Narelle Wane serves as our squad coach, contributing to both the Learn-to-Swim (LTS) and MGG GSV Programs.

With 25 years of coaching and LTS experience, Narelle brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. She has a background in competitive swimming, having competed before transitioning into coaching. Narelle's coaching journey has encompassed swimmers of all ages, from juniors to those preparing for National Age and Open level competitions. Her dedication has earned her a silver coaching license. In recent years, Narelle has relished her role within the school environment, working with swimmers representing their schools and those seeking fitness and skill development through the sport.