Lara Ignjatovic Visual Arts Captain

Lara Ignjatovic

During my time at Mentone Girls Grammar I have continuously been supported by my teachers and peers to be creative and innovative in the visual art space. The School community has nurtured my passion for visual arts and I aim to inspire others to be confident and enthusiastic in their creativity, the same way I have been.

Big Art

Big Art is a highly anticipated annual event that unites the entire school community, offering a dynamic showcase of artistic expression across all grades from Early Learning Centre to Year 12. The festivities commence with an engaging afternoon featuring roaming musicians, actors, and captivating displays, setting the stage for an immersive artistic experience. In the evening, the Gala Concert takes center stage, spotlighting the exceptional talents of senior music ensembles, soloists, and actors, culminating in a joyous celebration of creativity and achievement

VCE Art and Design Exhibition

All students enrolled in a Visual Art subject, including Creative Digital Media, have the chance to showcase their work at the annual VCE Art and Design Exhibition. This cocktail-style event provides the school community with an opportunity to admire and celebrate the portfolios of our talented VCE Visual Arts students.


Artist in Residence Program

Fostering connections with professional artists is essential to ignite the creative passions of our students. Annually, we welcome a visiting artist who collaborates with our students, imparting new artistic skills and invaluable industry insights. This enriching experience empowers our students to explore and expand their artistic horizons.

Art Tours

Senior students have the unique opportunity to participate in guided tours to prestigious galleries, both locally and internationally. These tours, which include visits to renowned galleries in Sydney and Europe, provide students with firsthand exposure to diverse artworks and the chance to interact with practicing artists. Through these immersive experiences, students gain valuable insights and deepen their appreciation for the arts while broadening their cultural understanding.

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Our Arts Centre is a multi-use creative space, designed to inspire and accommodate all forms of artistic expression.

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Our state-of-the art facilities provide our students with the ultimate environment.

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Mentone Girls' Grammar fosters pathways for success, with numerous Old Girls achieving recognition in the arts.

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