Gabrielle Graham

Gabrielle Graham

From my first day at Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, the encouragement from teachers and peers to make the most of extra-curricular activities has been so incredibly motivating.

I have had countless opportunities to try an amazing variety of activities, including a wide range of sports, musical instruments, academic clubs, and adventurous camps. These have provided me with many memorable and impactful moments, helping me to discover my interests, whilst forming long-lasting connections with others.

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Keira Bailey

My involvement in the many extra-curricular activities available at this school are what has made my time at MGGS truly memorable.

From camps, various sports, musical opportunities and school productions, these experiences have led me to see school as more than just a place to learn. The sport camps especially, which have taken place in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast have been the highlights of my time as a Mentone Girl. Many of my friendships formed throughout my years here have been thanks to these activities, which has only added to my overall enjoyment at school over the years.

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Our students are exposed to a diverse range of co-curricular experiences that complement their academic learning at Mentone Girls’ Grammar.

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Enterprise Academy

We offer students unparalleled opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills and make meaningful contributions to our community.

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Outdoor Education

Our integrated approach to outdoor education provides students with an exceptional opportunity to develop their self-confidence, adventurous spirit, critical thinking, and reflection skills

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Study Tours and Expeditions

Students are encouraged to participate in worldly experiences through our study tours and expeditions programs.

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