Learn to Dive Framework

The Framework starts with basic skills such as body position and control, and progresses towards more advanced techniques such as forward and backward dives. Our coaches use a variety of teaching methods to help our divers learn the necessary skills, including visual demonstrations, verbal instruction, and hands-on guidance.

Our dive bowl includes one metre and three metre springboards, providing students with the opportunity to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Learn to Dive

Our Learn to Dive class is specifically designed for students with little or no diving experience. Our experienced coaches guide students through a comprehensive program that focuses on building confidence and technique.

Safety is paramount, and our coaches work with students to ensure that they dive safely and minimize the risk of injury.

Classes cover:

  • Jumps from 1m and 3m 
  • Basic dives on 1m
  • Entries from 1m and 3m

Duration: 60 minutes

Diving Development

In Diving Development, we build upon the skills and techniques learned in the Learn to Dive class. We focus on refining diving techniques and further building confidence, whilst introducing new dives on both 1m and 3m springboard.

Coaches work with students on the following:

  • Building and developing dives in different directions
  • Developing dives on 3m
  • Enhancing confidence with using board work (hurdle)

Duration: 60 minutes

Intermediate Diving

Our Intermediate Diving class is for divers who are interested in taking their skills to the next level and competing in club and state level diving competitions. Our experienced coaches work with divers to build their confidence and reach their full potential as competitive divers.

Coaches work with students on:

  • Developing dives in all directions from the board (forward, backward, inward, reverse and twisting)
  • Competitive training for school, state or club competitions
  • We recommend training 2 times a week for this level to help the development and growth of divers

Duration: 90 minutes

Diving Squad

Diving Squad is open to divers who have already completed our Intermediate Diving classes or who have equivalent experience. We focus on developing and refining advanced techniques and preparing divers for state and national competitions.

Classes focus on:

  • Developing dive lists for 6 - 8 dives to compete at state and national levels
  • Refining dive lists on 1m and 3m boards
  • Training minimum twice a week

Duration: 90 minutes 

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