Questions and Answers

What programs are offered?
We offer a variety of Aquatic Programs; including swimming, diving, school holiday programs, water polo, aqua cycle and local community programs.

Why should I enrol my child or myself in swimming lessons?
Swimming lessons are essential for reducing the risk of drowning, which is an inherent risk in Australia due to its proximity to beaches, pools, lakes, rivers, and waterways. Swimming lessons are not only beneficial for safety but also provide a low-impact full-body workout, making it an excellent form of exercise. Swimming is the only sport that teaches important lifesaving skills and can be practiced well into adult years.

How often should a child attend swimming lessons?
The Aquatic Centre recommends that children attend weekly classes year-round.

How long do lessons run for?
Our ‘Learn to Swim’ classes up to level 6 run for 30 minutes. Intro Squad classes run for 45 minutes. Intermediate and Fitness squads run for 60 mins, and diving programs run between 60-90 minutes.

How does one book lessons?
To book lessons, individuals can contact the Aquatic Centre's friendly staff on 9581-1221 or complete an online enquiry form.

What payment options are available?
The preferred payment direct debit on a fortnightly basis. Alternatively, payments for the term can be made upfront by credit card. Cash payments are not accepted.

What happens if my child misses a class?
The Aquatic Centre offers a maximum of two make-up classes per term for missed classes. To be eligible for a make-up lesson, individuals must inform the Centre at least two hours prior to the scheduled class. Make-up classes are subject to availability. Make up classes are not transferable to siblings, holiday programs or the following terms. We are unable to offer make up classes for Parent and Child classes, adult classes and the holiday programs. A credit for a maximum of two classes per term will be applied to your account providing you have notified us of the absence within two hours of the scheduled class.

What should individuals bring to class?
Babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers who are not fully toilet trained are required to wear tight-fitting aqua nappies. Swimming caps are compulsory, and goggles are highly recommended. These items are available for purchase at the Aquatic Centre reception. Individuals should also bring a towel and warm clothing in cooler weather.

Do parents need to be in the water with their child during swimming lessons?
If your child is under 4 years old than a parent/guardian must be in the water for the duration of their lesson.

Can parents watch their child’s swimming or diving lessons?
Parents are welcome to come and watch their child's lesson in the Centre, but children under ten years old must be actively supervised by a responsible parent or guardian.

Can parents photograph their child during their lessons?
Photography, including from mobile phones and other image-capturing devices, is not permitted without the permission of the Duty Manager. Photographs should only be of their child, and no other children should be included in the photograph (including in the background) with the express permission of the parent or guardian of that child(ren).

How do I know if my child is progressing in their swimming classes?
The Swim Instructors regularly assess children during their classes and the pool deck supervisor provides the feedback to parents. Children can progress to the next level whenever they are ready and changing levels is not limited to term breaks.

Can individuals cancel their bookings at any time?
Bookings are continuous, and students will remain in the same class at the same time unless the Aquatic Centre is advised of a wish to change days or times of classes, the child needs to progress to the next level, or the individual chooses to cancel. If you choose to cancel lessons, we require a minimum two weeks' notice by completing the Cancellation Notification, in line with your fortnightly direct debit. 

Can individuals sign up mid-term?
Enrolments are accepted throughout the term, and fees are scheduled for a fortnightly direct debit.

Are refunds offered?
Fees are non-refundable once the direct debit has been processed. Holiday programs are paid up front and non-refundable. 

Can individuals swim in the pool before or after the lesson?
All lanes within the Aquatic Centre are scheduled for classes and programs, which run back-to-back. Patrons must not enter the pools prior to the start of their class and must be picked up promptly after the completion of their class.

When is the Aquatic Centre open for lessons?
Our Classes operate: Monday – Thursday: 3:30pm – 8:00pm Saturday: 8am-12:30pm

Is the Aquatic Centre open on public holidays?
The Centre is closed on public holidays. These dates are not included in term fees.

Does the Aquatic Centre offer private lessons?
Private lessons are available during the term and holiday programs. Please contact our team for more information.

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