At Mentone Girls’ Grammar, we believe in the potential of every child and their capacity to flourish when they are known, seen and heard.

We are a proudly independent girls’ school, leading, empowering, and inspiring the next generation of women to take their place in an increasingly complex world. Alongside an already turbulent landscape, the modern world remains, but equally provides a place of wonder that is full of opportunity and optimism.

Our young people must hold fast to hope and to their individual and collective capacity to rise to the opportunities and challenges of their times. As a school committed to empowering girls, we ultimately seek the economic, political, and social empowerment of women, everywhere and will strive towards making that a reality.

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Our Mission

To provide an education that inspires a sense of purpose in our students and empowers confident, compassionate, and capable young women who are prepared for the future, whatever it brings.

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Our Vision

To empower young women, fostering a nurturing environment where every girl is known, seen and heard.

Vision and Values

Our Values


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Our Mission

To provide an education that inspires a sense of purpose in our students and empowers confident, compassionate, and capable young women who are prepared for the future, whatever it brings.

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Our Vision

To empower young women, fostering a nurturing environment where every girl is known, seen and heard.

Key Pillars: 2023 - 2028 Strategic Plan

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A Holistic Education

We provide a well-rounded education which in turn will develop confident, compassionate and capable young women. To do this, we need to educate the Whole Child. Everything we do at Mentone Girls’ Grammar will develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that will enable our graduates to flourish. We remain deeply committed to our School’s long history of – and success in – teaching young women to think critically so that they might be the kind of dynamic, thoughtful leaders the world needs. This means an affirmation of the School’s broad, liberal, educational proposition that embraces the best pedagogy and practices of the past with an openness to thoughtful innovations for the future. Every student is ‘known, seen, and heard’ at Mentone Girls’ Grammar.

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Exemplary Educators

Central to the Mentone Girls’ Grammar approach is the open dialogue, warmth and trusting interplay between students and their teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. Such an atmosphere contributes to a culture of mutual respect, where curiosity, mastery, independent thought, and delight in learning are prized. We attract and develop the very best educators to inspire passion and provide support for a life-long love of learning.

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A Connected Community

We are incredibly proud of the unique and close-knit Mentone Girls' Grammar community - made up of our amazing students, families, staff, and alumnae, we have created a warm and supportive environment. We have built strong and trusted relationships with our students’ families, celebrating their important role in their daughter’s education and ensuring they feel welcome and acknowledged. We cherish our incredibly generous Alumnae, with their extraordinary contributions, ongoing involvement with the school and the legacy they’ve left behind. Most importantly, we are a community that works hard to ensure every student is ‘known, seen and heard’. We want our girls to find their place in the world and feel empowered to use their voices to thrive.


Transformative Technology

Our students will be working and living in a world characterised by the need to adapt and to evolve. Underpinned by increasingly fast-paced and dispersed digital infrastructure and technological innovation, mastery and confidence with technology is crucial. Digital literacy is embedded in our curriculum, enabling students to engage with established and evolving technologies, regardless of specific context. Students are equipped with the ability to communicate ethically and respectfully, discern reliable sources of information with media literacy, and adapt to a landscape that is ever evolving.


Student Wellbeing

Nurturing the holistic development of each student is at the forefront of our educational philosophy. We understand that a student's wellbeing is the foundation of their personal growth and success so we ensure they're always in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. Our dedicated team of educators and wellbeing specialist team work closely with students to understand their individual needs and challenges, helping them through each stage of their educational journey.

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As a proudly Independent Girls’ School for nearly 125 years, we recognise the importance of sustainability to our Schools’ long-term viability.
We will contribute generously – of our resources, research, and outreach – for the greater good in the knowledge that with privilege comes responsibility.
With a commitment to providing the best possible physical environment we will enable our students to thrive thereby demonstrating our commitment to having each student reach their potential through intentional design and carefully curated aesthetics. We will support our community by providing access to spaces, facilities and resources that will help them to flourish. Incorporating sustainability principles in our teaching and learning and operational practices we will reduce our impact on the physical environment through a planned program of reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials.

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School Life - Early Learning

Early Learning

School Life

The Sarah Simpson Early Learning Centre (ELC) has been designed specifically for curious and enthusiastic three and four-year-old children.

Junior School - School Life

Junior School

School Life

Located in its own unique area within the campus, our Junior School has been thoughtfully designed to cater to each stage of a child's education.

Senior School

Senior School

School Life

Experience excellence in education at our Senior School, where state-of-the-art facilities meet exemplary educators to create an exceptional…

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