Kelly Lim

Kelly Lim

Mentone Girls’ Grammar’s incredible music department has provided me with a myriad of opportunities to perform, learn and work in an area that I am so passionate about.

As Music Captain, I feel grateful to work in such a creative and inclusive environment where I feel supported by my peers and teachers. The endless opportunities provided have shaped the way I appreciate music and I hope to inspire others to find their passion for music, just as I found mine during my role as Music Captain.

Private Music Tuition

We offer private Music tuition taught by our specialist music tutors in a wide variety of instruments including voice and music theory. These lessons are held weekly and can be scheduled before, during and after school hours to accommodate our students' schedules. Students have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents on stage by participating in various bands, orchestras or ensembles.

House Music Competition

All students from Prep to Year 12 participate in our annual House Music competition. Students are divided into our four House colours. This event is a highlight of the school year, to showcase their musical skills and earn points for their respective House. It promotes healthy competition, but also fosters leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

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The David Hunt Music Centre is a dedicated acoustic space created to experience music. The Centre features nine purpose-built lesson rooms, music labs and a concert room full of instruments.

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Mentone Girls' Grammar fosters pathways for success, with numerous Alumnae achieving recognition within the music industry.

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