Explore, Learn, Lead: Outdoor Adventures

The outdoor education program at Mentone Girls' Grammar is committed to fostering lifelong learning that goes beyond the classroom. Engaging in various activities, our aim is to prepare students for real-world challenges and enrich their personal growth, while nurturing resilience, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. We strive to instill in them a profound appreciation for nature and diverse cultures.


Discovering New Horizons

Our school camp program is an integral part of our students' educational journey. It’s more than just a trip away from the classroom. It's an opportunity for students to step into new environments, discover new skills and strengths, and broaden their perspectives.

During our camp program, students can connect with their peers and teachers through a range of physical activities and challenges, which help develop essential leadership skills and resilience.

They form lasting friendships and make unforgettable memories that they will cherish for years to come. Most importantly, our camp program provides a wonderful way for students to develop their awareness of the world around them.

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Kings Canyon
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At Mentone Girls' Grammar, we offer camp programs tailored to different age groups and year levels, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to participate in this unique and valuable experience.

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