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Staff Benefits

A Remarkable Career

Working at Mentone Girls' Grammar School is not just a job, and we are most definitely not just any school.

We are a very successful teaching and learning community and a remarkable place to work for people with energy, creativity and imagination; a place that offers variety and opportunity, within a warm and welcoming community.

We provide equal opportunity for employment, promotion and compensation without regard to race, religion, colour, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, marital status, or union membership status.

Our School is driven by our Guiding Principles and behaviours. We expect all employees to respect and practise these behaviours:

  • Personal, Personable and Professional in everything we do.
  • Authentic, Respectful and Ethical in our communications with students, parents, colleagues and peers.
  • Collaborative, Enterprising and Bold in our approach to our work.

If you want a sense of what it's like to work here, you could read our extensive staff handbook. In it, you'll find references to the fitness classes for employees, our healthy, beach side location with beautiful spaces to work and free onsite parking, staff discounts on tuition fees, and high quality computer equipment with access to high speed internet, email and other online resources... plus many more great benefits.

You'll also learn that Mentone Girls’ Grammar School does its best to recruit a diverse and enthusiastic workforce, viewing itself as an Australian school with an international outlook, a dynamic centre of learning and innovation, and a school with a heart that values every individual.

You'll notice remarkable professional learning opportunities for employees, including leadership development, international travel, and access to courses in a variety of disciplines. And you'll discover how people with big ideas and a strong work ethic are nurtured and encouraged by the School Executive to be creative, to try new things, and to make the most of themselves as educators and human beings. You will discover a school where staff can be collaborative, enterprising and bold in their approach to their work.

But perusing our website or reading our handbook really don’t do justice when it comes to the joy and inspiration you get from being surrounded by some of the most talented, friendliest, and hardest working people anywhere.

For that you just have to be here...