Guiding Principles

We believe now is the time for women to thrive, take their place as role models and leaders in our society in ways not previously seen.

It is our role to help them be empowered, confident, resilient and remarkable women.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of girls and is underpinned by our WAVES priorities for living, learning and leadership. We work with girls to help them develop:

Wellbeing - in mind, body and spirit. Without wellbeing, learning takes a back seat.

Achievement – the practical know-how about how to set and get goals; this is important at school, in further study, and in the workplace. Encouraging and actively teaching girls how to lead is also critical to helping them get the most out of their unique gifts and out of life. From the smallest leadership actions, to the grandest of aspirations, the world needs more women who are prepared to make positive things happen for themselves, their own family and beyond.

Values - Our fundamental values of Respect and Learning underpin how we interact at School. Respect for self, others and for our environment is the foundation of good character and of integrity. It promotes trust, collaboration and the ability to problem-solve. A deep commitment to learning is a life-long gift that helps us make continual progress towards future relevance – this is critical in a fast-changing world. It allows us to have a positive impact on all the communities we serve.

Enterprise – helping girls to risk, reflect and then regroup. This priority encourages girls to be creative in their approach to learning, to take intelligent risks, to build the resilience to make mistakes and then learn from them, to think in ways that help them rather than hinder them, and to develop entrepreneurial skills. These attributes prepare girls for the world in which they will be working and helps them to frame challenges as opportunities.

Success for all, which recognises accomplishment in a variety of endeavours; we teach girls that success can be planned – they learn how to make daily decisions that lead them to their personal goals and dreams, and that give their life a sense of purpose. If our students are mindful of our WAVES priorities and incorporate them into their day, they can experience a sense of success, and this gives them hope and confidence for the future.

To further the WAVES agenda, our unique Making WAVES Care and Leadership Program has four distinct phases that address the needs of girls at their different developmental stages which we know are vital to their success as learners and their development as competent, confident individuals. These stages influence teaching and learning and are independent of our School structure, enabling girls to have the flexibility to grow through life and school transitions:

ELC – Year 4: Between the flags focusing on the early years. At this stage you will observe a learning and teaching approach that supports our youngest learners.

Years 5 – 8: Sea Change supporting students at a time of significant personal change.

Years 9 – 10: Charting your course as global citizens, assisting students to reach out to the community.

Years 11 – 12: Navigating the pre-tertiary years in our Cobbalanna Senior College.

Through this program, our students are supported on a journey of personal development to promote their growth as ethical, enterprising, culturally aware and articulate young leaders.

Our Commitment To Child Safety

As a school we are committed to a culture of child safety and we have zero tolerance of child abuse of any form. Please refer to the documents below for our Child Protection and Safety Policy and Code of Conduct.

Commitment To Democratic Principles

Mentone Girls' Grammar School supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy in its educational programs and policies. Specifically, we are committed to:

  1. Elected Government.
  2. The rule of law.
  3. Equal rights for all before the law.
  4. Freedom of religion.
  5. Freedom of speech and association.
  6. The values of openness and tolerance.

We also adhere to the broader principles as outlined in the following guides:

  • Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians
  • National Statement for Engaging Young Australians with Asia in Australian Schools


Wherever possible we mirror these principles in our actions with students. An example would include the determination of Senior School Student Leaders through a process modelled on Australian election practices.