2023 Highlights


  • Median ATAR: 88.55

  • Median Study Score: 36

  • 45% of students achieved an ATAR >90

  • 69% of students achieved an ATAR >80

  • 17% of students achieved an ATAR >98

  • 28% of students achieved a study score 40+

  • Perfect Study Scores of 50 were achieved in Psychology, Biology, Literature and PE

"We are thrilled for every student. These results are nothing short of exceptional. As a non-selective, local school, our purpose is to empower every student who enters our doors to reach their full potential. We have cultivated a culture of high expectations for both students and teaching staff and have been unapologetic in bolstering our teaching across the entire school.
These results bear witness to the power of collective effort; a rising tide lifts us all."

Natalie Charles, Principal