Empowering Leadership and Celebrating Excellence

School Captains inspire their peers through unwavering dedication, unity-building, and exemplifying excellence. Anchored by responsibility, they represent the student body, voicing concerns and instigating positive change. With integrity, empathy, and a commitment to inclusivity, they foster an environment that follows our School’s ethos, where every students is ‘known, seen and heard. Through their initiatives, they elevate the school's spirit, leaving an enduring mark on academics and co-curriculars. These captains epitomize leadership, nurturing a brighter future for the entire community.

It brings us immense joy to formally introduce the next year's School Captains, who will steer the Mentone Girls' Student Executive in 2024.

  • School Captain: Meagan Ngo
  • School Deputy Captain: Zoe Gonopoulos
  • School Deputy Captain: Juliet Beaton

The selection process for these leadership positions has been exacting, and we extend sincere gratitude to all Student Executive nominees. Their readiness to serve reflects remarkable generosity and courage.

As we eagerly anticipate our 125th Anniversary celebration in 2024, we are confident that Megan, Zoe, and Juliet will represent our community with distinction. Their leadership will undoubtedly shine, adding to the legacy of excellence.