Our ELC received a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard.

Our commitment to valuing relationships and the importance of every student feeling known, seen and heard was highlighted as a strength in our recent assessment visit by the Department of Education and Training in October, 2022.

Our Sarah Simpson Early Learning Centre Director Ms Bree Phelan congratulated the ELC team on receiving a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard.

Excerpts from the report included: “Educators demonstrated a commitment to creating a friendly, welcoming and academic ambience for the service community. Children displayed a sense of belonging within the environment, exploring spaces confidently and seeking input from educators and peers throughout the day, and demonstrating a sense of connection to the educators and with each other. The service demonstrated strength in developing trusting and genuine relationships with families. Educators created a sense of connection with families that allowed them to build respectful relationships that promoted a sense of support, security and belonging within the ELC and wider school setting.” – Department of Education & Training’s Authorised Officer.

An outstanding achievement that recognises the exceptional standard of education and care provided by our ELC team.