Our Junior School students reached new heights in their own learning. 

The Year 6 classrooms were abuzz at Exhibition with peers and the school community watching on in awe of our Junior students, who all made profound, independent discoveries.

Year 6 Exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Programme where students engage in a chosen area of interest and display their research through creative avenues. Students decided to follow an array of research pursuits including technology, science, digital media, sustainability and more.

The School community members who attended the Exhibition all had glowing reports of the evening.

“What a fantastic night Year 6! I was so impressed by everyone’s presentation, confidence and knowledge. There was such an air of excitement in the classrooms and I enjoyed exploring and learnt so much about your variety of well researched topics!” – Melanie

“Such a great night listening to all the girls talk about their exhibition with such passion.” – Allison

“Congratulations to all Year 6’s on a fantastic Exhibition. The work you put into your research and the informative and creative ways you displayed your information was outstanding.” – Stuart

“Blown away by all the effort the girls have put into this!” – Marie Josee

“Hands down some of the most amazing classroom work and passion I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.” - Lisa

Watch the highlights video here: