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Mentone Girls' Grammar students in class

At Mentone Girls’ Grammar, our top priority is ensuring that our students feel safe to explore their passions, make mistakes and grow into confident, capable and ethical young women.Girls thrive when they are given the opportunity to challenge themselves without fear of failure and pursue a life of purpose, fulfilment and meaning. Our individualised programs and holistic approach ensure our girls are happy in their academic environment.

Wellbeing is what helps students cope with the pressures of school and personal life. Every staff member at Mentone Girls’ has a duty of care for the welfare of our girls. We value our WAVES priorities, which underpin everything we work to achieve on a day-to-day school experience.

WAVES Priorities

Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of girls and is underpinned by our WAVES priorities:

Wellbeing, in mind, body and spirit.

Achievement, through setting and reaching goals.

Values, based on respect for others and for our environment, and a deep commitment to learning as a means of having a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Enterprise, encouraging creativity, taking intelligent risks, productive thinking and developing entrepreneurial skills.

Success for all, which recognises accomplishment in a variety of endeavours.

Through our WAVES priorities, we have established a pastoral care program that occurs twice weekly for all Senior students. Our girls grasp a real-world education in the realm of adolescence welfare so that they are mentally and emotionally equipped to handle these concerns that they may be faced with in their personal lives.

It is vital to balance a rigorous education with fun and energy. Through our renowned House system (Kent, McCowan, St Margaret’s and Grammar) the girls indulge in team spirit and cross Year-level bonding by participating in events, wearing their House colours and cheering on their teammates. We host House Dance, Music, Drama, Aerobics, Athletics, Swimming, Debating and more to enable our girls to develop friendships and lifelong memories.

Yoga, Swimming and reading at Mentone Girls' Grammar School


Every adult shares the responsibility for the welfare of our students.

As a community that cares, wellbeing is at the forefront of our decision making. That is why our extensive wellbeing program facilitates a holistic approach to mindfulness that encourages positive learning, compassion and growth.

Within our Wellbeing Precinct, we have a highly qualified team of health professionals, educational specialists and support staff who provide a range of wellbeing and pastoral care services to our students and their families.