Australian Language and Culture

The English language is central to the way in which students understand, critique and appreciate their world, and to the ways in which they participate socially, economically and culturally in Australian society. The study of English encourages the development of literate individuals capable of critical and imaginative thinking, aesthetic appreciation and creativity, as well as productive participation in a democratic society in the 21st Century. Through the English curriculum and our literacy program, which begins in the ELC, students initially focus on spelling and word study, phonemic awareness and handwriting, which leads into the key discipline concepts of texts and language, and the many dimensions of reading, writing, speaking and listening that develop as students progress through their schooling.

World Languages and Cultures

Although the study of English and the ongoing development of important literacy skills are fundamental elements of the curriculum, our students cannot rely on working and living in a world where English is the dominant language, nor the most common second language. As an Australian school with an international perspective, we believe that a strong language program enhances the educational journey and encourages our students to develop alternative perspectives, cultural understanding and empathy. Our language program is designed to provide a passport for our students to further language learning, and a framework to learn and enjoy other cultures which they will inevitably encounter in Australia and beyond.

We offer four languages that have been carefully chosen to provide access to major world languages of diplomacy and culture, and the languages and cultures of Australia’s major trading partners.

Japanese: Year 5 - VCE
German: Year 7 - VCE
French: Year 7 - VCE
Chinese (Mandarin): ELC  - VCE


For over a century, Mentone Girls have been invigorated by language education, with past students using their language skills in many areas from diplomacy, law and education to international trade, marketing and banking and finance.