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We introduce Language as part of the global learning curriculum from Early Childhood up to Year 12.

Our mission is to empower our girls to aspire to making a difference as enterprising global citizens and we believe learning a second language will enable our girls to rise boldly to the opportunities of their times.

Whole School Languages Program

Our ELC children regularly learn Mandarin through the ELLA program (Early Learning Languages Australia) to lay the foundations for future global enhancement as they progress through school.

In Junior School, students continue to develop their Language skills in either Mandarin or Japanese from Year 5 onwards. Learning a foreign language throughout their primary schooling enables students to enhance their English literacy and reading abilities.

Mentone Girls’ is one of the few schools providing a rich and diverse Language program, offering a choice of four Languages in the Senior years. Students can select from French, Japanese or Chinese. All of our teachers are native to the language they teach, providing our students with the relevant language skills to take with them in their future beyond Mentone.

Exchange Programs

From Year 10 – 12, our students have the option and privilege to venture on an International Exchange Program to assist them in navigating their theoretical language skills and applying those capabilities to a real-world context.  Our two-way exchange program is designed for students who study VCE Languages Other Than English. When our students return home to Mentone Girls’ after their exchange program, they bring with them a newly-found global perspective and feel empowered to make a positive difference in our global society.