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STEM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as access points for learning designs and inquires. Students are encouraged to investigate, explore and analyse to develop, present and even implement solutions for real world problems.

STEM foundations 

At Mentone Girls’ Grammar, our girls develop an understanding of Science from their time in our Early Learning Centre. We aim to empower our young learners to engage with basic numeracy skills and scientific concepts through a play-based curriculum. Our girls are immersed in experiences that challenge them to explore their surroundings, question ideas, collaborate with others and communicate through problem solving. These are the essential building blocks for developing inquiring minds. 

Junior School

In Junior School, students undertake their own research problem and experiments to demonstrate scientific principle. Our inquiry into ‘Sharing the Planet’ further explores the responsibility of individuals, community and government for the conservation of species. This expands into the EnviroKids program where students take a great interest in environmental issues and sustainability. Specialist STEM classes are further enhanced by classroom units based on the world of inventions, technology and simple machines, as well as a range of numeracy programs such as financial literacy.

Senior School 

In the Senior School, we provide an elite STEM offering with an array of subjects including Health and Human Development, Marine Studies, Mathematics programs, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Interactive Digital Media, Food and Technology and Visual Communication and Design. Our Digital Technologies curriculum aims to ensure that our girls can design and create solutions, utilise data and information effectively and understand how digital systems are changing the way that we work, communicate and live. Our programs of learning are embedded in design thinking processes and incorporates coding. Today, coding opportunities are in industries outside of technology, including finance and procurement, healthcare, education and training, manufacturing as well as agriculture.

STEM beyond the classroom

Students learn beyond the walls of a classroom by embracing practical investigations of STEM inquiries. Through initiatives such as Science Week and our SAIL Program (Supporting Advanced and Independent Learners) we encourage our students to participate in external competitions including the International CANstruction Engineering Competition, Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians and The Siemens Science Experience.

We also provide internal competitions including Big Science, Titration, Science Talent Search, Google Science Fair, Engineers without Boarders Innovation Challenge in Year 9 and Solar Car Competition. These experiences help our girls feel supported to thrive in a holistic environment that envisions a future in STEM for them.