Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Worldwide, the numbers of girls participating in the STEM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics continues to fall. As a school, we are working to influence our students positively and create a culture of engagement and excellence in STEM studies.

Our program begins in the Early Learning Centre where we engage our young learners with basic numeracy skills and scientific concepts through our play-based curriculum. We immerse students in experiences which enable them to explore, question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate and discover new knowledge; the essential building blocks for developing inquiring minds.

Our STEM journey continues as we further utilise inquiry as a tool for scientific understanding and at Year 3 this informs an important part of the curriculum. Students undertake their own research problem and experiments to demonstrate scientific principle. Our inquiry into ‘Sharing the Planet’ further explores the responsibility of individuals, community and government for the conservation of species. This expands into the EnviroKids program at Year 4, where students take a great interest in Environmental issues and sustainability. In Years 5 & 6 STEM classes are taught in our Science laboratories by expert teaching staff from our Senior School where students explore key scientific concepts. These specialist classes are further enhanced by classroom units based on the world of inventions, technology and simple machines, as well as a range of numeracy programs such as financial literacy.

In the Senior School, we provide a number of STEM offerings from Year 7 through to VCE with subjects at different year levels ranging from Health and Human Development to Marine Studies, various Mathematics programs, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, as well as technology based units such as Interactive Digital Media, Food and Technology and Visual Communication and Design.

Our SAIL (Supporting Advanced & Independent Learners) Program also provides extended STEM activities for advanced students who have a particular passion for these areas of inquiry. Students participate in activities and competitions that accelerate their knowledge and learning from the international CANstruction Engineering competition, to the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, and The Siemens Science Experience.