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Senior School

Mentone Girls’ Grammar is an ambitious and nurturing community where all girls feel they can live and breathe the glorious opportunities that surrounds them.

Curriculum, Philosophy, and Campus Life

As an intimate school with an enriched history, we are fiercely inclusive where all teachers know every girl by name, we are unafraid of difference and actively prepared to take risks in order to achieve growth. Life on campus is designed to ignite a strong sense of innovation and imagination, allowing the girls to seek meaningful pathways that will eventually lead them to consolidating their own futures. We aim to empower our girls through rigorous academic curriculum and exceptional pastoral care to become ethical global citizens, and on their journey to self-discovery, develop confidence, compassion and articulation that will place them is good stead for when they embark on their next chapter. Our teaching and learning philosophy is student-centred to ensure that each student is undoubtedly nourished on a holistic level—they are academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and thriving. Students are able to seek their purpose, discover their passion and realise their potential.

WAVES Care and Leadership Program

The WAVES Care & Leadership program encompasses the core values that underpin our teaching and learning approach. This program is committed to the personal development and pastoral care of each individual student and the curriculum is appropriately measured by stage and age, meaning our students will learn contents that relate to the real world when they are ready to embrace it.


What Technology Do We Use?

Each stage of the learning journey in our all-girls Senior School is enriched with digital technologies to assist them in their navigation through the ever-evolving digital age and gain technical skills that is required in the workforce. Teachers and students engage in digital technology methods in the classroom on a daily basis to gather enterprising skills as well as confidence in computer literacy skills.

Global Learning

As part of our Senior curriculum, we offer four languages as well as the Arts to further global learning in all students. The Humanities offerings form a significant component of our global learning program ranging from Accounting, Economics, Business Management, Geography, History, Global studies, Civics and Citizenship, Global Politics and Legal Studies. Students explore Australia’s role in global systems and learn the processes that have helped to shape different cultures. Through excursions and field trips, students’ learning is supported beyond the classroom to gain a true understanding of the value of humanity and its purpose.

Students are most excited for the overseas service trips to either Thailand or Cambodia. Girls in the Senior School from Years 10 – 12 have the opportunity to engage in community service in a global setting, teaching at schools and building facilities for students.

Religion and Values Education

As an Anglican school, our focus on Religion and Values Education is an important part of developing tolerance, understanding and social cohesion. Students are encouraged to maintain mother tongue or heritage languages through our partnerships with the Greek School, Xin Jin Shan Chinese Language School, or the Victorian School of Languages.

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