Centre stage

Centre stage

Being selected in a full-time ballet program with Ballet Theatre Australia, achieving 98 out of 100 in her 2018 Cecchetti exam and being placed in an elite scholars class at just 13 years of age has Ephea Harisis pirouetting with joy.


The talented ballerina, who dances up to 12 hours per week over and above her school commitments and uses her mounting prize money to pay for future auditions, says it was  “wonderful” to be selected for the full time ballet program.

The only hiccup was that she wasn’t quite ready to swap her Mentone Girls’ Grammar life for home schooling just yet. 

“Still it was wonderful to know that I could get in!” says Ephea.

“At the moment I am working on a big competition in Wodonga called the Australasian Ballet Challenge where you have to do classes, a master class and then a solo or a variation,” adds Ephea who has been dancing since she was just three years old.

“Also my ballet teacher told me about some workshops that I could do in Sydney so I will be trying out at the start of next year.

Well done to another remarkable Mentone Girl making her dreams come true!