SHE Matters

SHE Matters
Stacey Mair

Happy girls learn better and live more successful lives and our SHE Journals help them do just that.


At Mentone Girls' Grammar we believe that wellbeing is the cornerstone of girls’ education and enterprise is the future of our girls’ education. These beliefs became our greatest motivators as we explored ways to infuse wellbeing into the core of what we do every day.

We searched the world for tools and resources that might embed wellbeing behaviours into the fabric of every girl’s day at Mentone Girls’ Grammar. Some resources focused on just one element of wellbeing while others were only for a small age-group.

What we were looking for didn’t exist so we created it ourselves.

We created a series of engaging, girl-focussed, age and stage appropriate wellbeing resources that would enhance the girls’ resilience and further enrich the support we offer to students, along with the ways we address wellbeing through our WAVES priorities here at Mentone Girls’ Grammar.

Our SHE Journals have been created with great passion and love to develop a culture where wellbeing  is not only a subject for our girls but is instead a way of life. We want each girl to know that SHE Matters. SHE belongs.