Stacey Mair





Not only have our top students produced outstanding VCE results, an extraordinary 25.9% have achieved in the top 5% of Australian university entrance scores (ATAR), and 41.2% were in the top 10%. Given our School is open entry, welcoming students of all academic ability, these excellent results are a testament to the true depth of our unique learning culture.

Importantly, we congratulate and acknowledge our students who have far exceeded their own personal expectations. 100% of them achieved their VCE. 

ATAR Highlights

·       Dux is Madeline Li who achieved an extraordinary 99.65

·       Dux Secundus achieved an impressive 99.3

·       2.4 % achieved 99+

·       25.9 % achieved 95+

·       41.2% achieved 90+

·       62.4 % achieved 85+

·       68.2% achieved 80+

It is remarkable indeed that over a quarter of the Class of 2019 were placed in the top 5% in Australia with ATARs of 95 or above. 

Our Median Study Score is 35 and the median ATAR for our School was an outstanding 87.83.


Study Score Highlights

In individual subjects, the average study score in Victoria is 30 and the top score is 50.  We are delighted that an impressive 53% of our Year 12 students achieved at least one exceptional study score of 40 or above in a diverse range of subject areas. The average in the State is 9%. (When we include our Year 11 students who completed a VCE course, the figure is 41.5%).

We congratulate students and staff in the following 23 subject areas who achieved a score of 40 or above:

Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Creative and Digital Media, Chemistry,  Chinese First Language, Computing: Software Development, English as an Additional Language, English, Food Studies, French (External), Further Mathematics, Geography, Global Politics, Health and Human Development, History: Revolutions, Japanese, Legal Studies, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Psychology, Studio Arts.

Five students achieved perfect study scores of 50 in English, History: Revolutions, Further Mathematics and Biology.

Our girls are also leading the way in Technology, where they achieved superior results in Computing (Software Development), as well as in Creative and Digital Media.  As part of our We Believe School Strategy, we are thrilled that this investment in future-facing Technology curriculum is allowing our students to excel in male-dominated industries. 

Our students are not afraid to be bold and to tackle even more challenging courses.  We are delighted that almost 20% of our students qualified for the VCE Baccalaureate, a globally-oriented VCE program which includes:

A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in either Mathematics Methods (CAS) or Specialist Mathematics.

A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in English or Literature with a study score of 30 or above; or a Units 3 and 4 sequence in EAL with a study score of 33 or above.

A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in a VCE Language.

At least two other Unit 3 and 4 sequences.


Personalised Approach to Learning

As one of Melbourne's leading schools, our personalised approach to learning, combined with our expertise in the education of girls, has again delivered outstanding academic performance across our VCE cohort and some of the best results in the area. It has also allowed us to facilitate extension opportunities where our students have excelled; one completed University studies concurrently with her VCE program and gained an Outstanding Achievement Award at Deakin University in Disability, Diversity and Inclusion studies.  

With the expert support of our Head of Careers & Senior Enterprise, Ms Kelly Jedd, students are currently revising their tertiary course preferences to maximise their opportunities to achieve their individual aspirations. They will be formally notified of their tertiary placement in the coming weeks.

We congratulate and farewell our Class of 2019, knowing they have gained so much more than an ATAR score.  They leave with self-confidence, resilience and many skills and experiences to equip them for the next phase of their lives.  We are proud that our Mentone girls truly are remarkable young women.