Our Vision

Our Vision is to be acknowledged as a leading, contemporary Australian school with an international outlook, specialising in girls' education and developing our students as remarkable women through our staff professionalism and service, and the personalised quality of our learning environment and communications.

Our Mission

At Mentone Girls’ Grammar School, we are dedicated to excellence in the education of girls. Excellence includes, but reaches well beyond, superb preparation for tertiary studies. The true mission of our school is preparing our students to aspire to excellence, to make a difference and, as global citizens, to rise boldly to the challenges of their times.  

We are committed to providing a challenging, supportive and personalised learning environment, based on our Christian heritage which values the worth and uniqueness of each person.  We dedicate ourselves to inspiring in each girl an abiding passion for learning, preparing her to become a confident, creative and articulate woman who has the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to shape her future, lead with wisdom and compassion and contribute meaningfully to the international community. 

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School also embraces broader aspirations as well: to continue to stand out among the country’s leading schools, to be appreciated as an active contributor in our local community and to support the wellbeing, achievement, positive values, enterprising nature and success of women in our society.

WAVES Priorities

Our unique beachfront location has inspired our WAVES priorities – key principles which guide the way we meet the particular learning needs of girls.  Our WAVES learning community is built on these key priorities, values and behaviours that are aligned to help us live our mission and to create a culture of support, excellence and achievement.

  • Wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.
  • Achievement through setting and reaching goals.
  • Values based on respect for others and for our environment, and a deep commitment to learning as means of having a positive impact on the communities we serve.
  • Enterprise encouraging creativity, taking intelligent risks, productive thinking and developing entrepreneurial skills.
  • Success for all, which recognises accomplishment in a variety of endeavours.

Our Commitment to Child Safety

As a school we are committed to a culture of child safety and we have zero tolerance of child abuse of any form. Please refer to the documents below for our Child Protection and Safety Policy and Code of Conduct. 

Commitment to Democratic Principles

Mentone Girls' Grammar School supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy in its educational programs and policies.  Specifically, we are committed to:

  1. Elected Government.
  2. The rule of law.
  3. Equal rights for all before the law.
  4. Freedom of religion.
  5. Freedom of speech and association.
  6. The values of openness and tolerance.

We also adhere to the broader principles as outlined in the following guides:

  • Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians
  • National Statement for Engaging Young Australians with Asia in Australian Schools

Wherever possible we mirror these principles in our actions with students.  An example would include the determination of Senior School Student Leaders through a process modelled on Australian election practices.


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