Wellbeing is a priority at our School and every adult shares responsibility for the welfare of our students. At the day to day level, we have a dedicated team of Home Group Teachers and VCE Tutors who are always the first point of contact for our students and their parents. Together they work closely with the School leadership team to support students’ academic and personal wellbeing needs. Our extensive wellbeing program includes a whole school approach to Mindfulness and encourages positive education, leadership and service. In addition, we also have a highly qualified team of health professionals, educational specialists and support staff who provide a range of wellbeing and pastoral care services to our students and their families.

Our Student Services team includes Learning Enhancement specialists and experts in Curriculum and Careers Counselling services. Our Education Support Groups (ESG) assist students with very particular needs and work in partnership with parents to assist the student and provide a personalised program of support. Clear and active communication structures in all areas also ensure issues and concerns are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

Contact Details

To contact our School Psychologist: Ph: 9581 1228 

Our Psychologist is located in the Wellbeing Centre, next door to the School Nurse.

To contact our Junior School Psychologist: Ph: 9581 1258 

Our Junior School Psychologist is located downstairs in the Junior School.