As Director of Research & Practice, Dr Sebire leads the school’s tertiary partnerships, research initiatives, and pedagogical strategy that ensures both our students and staff not only participate in, but contribute, to the conversation around exemplary education. It is imperative that our graduates are prepared for an increasingly complex world, where the shifting landscape of skills will require agile, innovative thinkers. Responsible for our Professional Learning Framework, Dr Sebire leads the development opportunities, including our Fellowship (and bursaries), to ensure staff continue to be lifelong learners and are given every opportunity to excel in their role.

With an extensive background in education, both as a teacher and a researcher, Karl also consults on matters relating to technology, design literacy, screen time, and adolescent attention spans to a range of schools, organisations and the media. This includes the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, the Department of Education, University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Education, and the VCAA Design Research Expert advisory panel. He currently is a sessional academic, teaching future and current educators in the Masters of Teaching and Masters of Education units at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Sebire’s PhD thesis is titled "Learning in the Age of Distraction: Assessing the efficacy of technology integration on adolescent learning"