Empowering the Next Generation of Enterprising Women

The Enterprise Academy encourages our students to take risks both inside and outside the classroom, and to reflect on feedback from their peers and industry experts. We help them build resilience and make their ideas come alive.

We aim to create a model for best practice that will lead to the development of an enterprising culture, where the boundaries between the classroom, industry, and the real world are more porous.

We work in partnership with our students, industry partners, and the local community to create real jobs and opportunities. By doing this, we give our students a head start in succeeding in the world. Through our Enterprise Academy, bold and enterprising young women can be inspired and empowered to make a difference in the world around them.

Christian Williams

Mr Christian Williams

Our Enterprise Academy is focused on creating the next generation of enterprising women that learn by making a difference for others through strong community partnerships and student-centred learning.

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