Congratulations to Ms. Bridget Forster: Recipient of the 2023 Reading Australia Fellowship

It brings us joy to extend our congratulations to Ms Bridget Forster, Head of Kerferd Library, for winning the 2023 Reading Australia Fellowship. This accolade was presented to her at the AATE National Teachers’ Conference in Canberra earlier this year.

Ms Forster's focus will centre on harnessing AI-generated texts within the English classroom to delve into the very concept of an Australian literary voice. Ms Foster's research will contribute to our broad understanding of what constitutes the iconic and unique Australian voice.

These inquiries include the means by which educators can identify cultural bias and navigate ethical quandaries when integrating AI into the English classroom. Additionally, she will explore the multifaceted realm of copyright implications surrounding AI and will ponder how students can be skillfully guided to become ethical users within this ever-evolving context.

In Ms Forster's own words, 'My Fellowship project is a journey into the destiny of the Australian written voice within the era of AI-generated texts. The widespread adoption of AI Large Language Models, such as the notable ChatGPT, within Australia has brought about notable shifts in the cadence, tempo, and expression of our communications, thereby diluting the intrinsic richness and unique character of our Australian voice. Through my research, I aspire to chart pathways for integrating AI Large Language Models into the English classroom, all the while addressing matters of identity, ingenuity, and ethical considerations.'

She continues, 'This undertaking holds deep personal significance, as I regard Australian narratives as pivotal tools for navigating and validating personal as well as cultural identity. Furthermore, it stands as paramount that we equip our students with the acumen to traverse the evolving landscape of AI-powered information with discernment and ethical discernment.'

Ms Foster's illuminating research and its consequential findings will be shared with the community in the forthcoming year.