Enhancing Social Competencies At Mentone Girls’ Grammar

In late March, Junior School educator, Ms Camilla Gaff had the exciting opportunity to represent Mentone Girls' Grammar in California, USA, for the Social Thinking Clinical Training Program.

This three-day training immersed the participants in the Social Thinking Methodology, allowing for a deeper understanding of its compatibility with the school's educational framework.

So, what exactly is the Social Thinking Methodology? According to its creators, it offers evidence-based strategies for individuals aged four through adult to develop social competencies, flexible thinking, and social problem-solving skills. It covers various aspects such as conversation and social connection, executive functioning, friendship and relationship development, perspective taking, self-regulation, and social thinking vocabulary.

The potential benefits for students are vast. Implementing the Social Thinking Methodology can cultivate a positive and supportive learning environment by equipping students with effective communication and collaboration skills. Improved social skills contribute to a sense of belonging and heightened self-esteem. Moreover, it establishes a common language shared by both neurotypical and neurodiverse students, minimizing misinterpretation and enhancing interpersonal understanding.

This methodology provides students, educators, and parents with a framework for comprehending and regulating emotions and behaviours. It supports learners of all ages in making sound decisions, managing conflicts more effectively, and fostering better mental health and overall well-being.

The early intervention and explicit teaching of social competencies, including executive function, diversity, perspective, and interpretation, aligns perfectly with Mentone Girls' Grammar's holistic approach to education. By integrating the Social Thinking

Methodology into the school's fabric, students will benefit from a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures their social and emotional growth.

Stay tuned for the exciting developments that lie ahead as the school embraces the Social Thinking Methodology and its positive impact on the entire school community.